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Special thanks to everyone who wants to financially contribute, with their donation, so that we may be able to continue the religious, social, charity work performed by the clergy, monks and many men and women volunteers, young people, in the framework of the various missionary activities.

We would like to stress that any offer, even of a seemingly small amount, is of great value, not only moral value but material too, as together we can continue to provide significant help to our fellow-men, particularly in times of great social crisis where everything around us is at stake.

We pray that Our Lord Jesus Christ, shall always bless and protect you.
For the Holy Metamorfosis of Nafpaktos Brotherhood The Secretary: Archimandrite Dr. Ignatios Stavropoulos In this page you can see the different options for providing financial help.

A. You can send any donation on-line, by credit card or through Pay Pal
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B. You can send any donation by postal mail to the 

Adelfotis Metamorfoseos tou Sotiros Nafpaktou

 Address: 27, Tzavela street, P.C. 303 00 Nafpaktos, 

Tel: +30 2634022324, +30 2634022731, +30 2634022201

Mob: +30 6944460321

Fax: +30 2634022466

C. Bank account deposit

Name: Adelfotis Metamorfoseos tou Sotiros Nafpaktou  (non profit)


IBAN : GR1002603020000760101520257 

Bank Identifier Code: ERBKGRAA

 Address: GR 303 00 Nafpaktos, Greece
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